· What is VentiMax?

VentiMax is a technology which insures best quality indoor air. It is a mechanical ventilation system, that primarily introduces fresh air indoors and flushes out culminated stale air indoors out of the building.

· Why should I install a ventilation system?

In today’s most modern buildings, the air movement is locked inside with no proper passage that can assure fresh air exchange. Also, the air outdoors, is highly polluted which is not safe to be let in without adequate filtration process. This is the job of VentiMax which insures that you always live in an ideal air quality environment.

· What do we mean by mechanical ventilation?

Normally, we understand ventilation as opening doors and windows to let in fresh air. These are traditional ventilation. Mechanical ventilation on the other hand, are mechanism that are employed to keep the fresh air circulation and exchange going on.

· Which are the ideal buildings for VentiMax installation. Does a traditional house require ventilation?

Every airtight building- Residential or commercial requires ventilation. Yes, every house new or old requires ventilation.

· What is Residential AHU and how is it different from other AHU/VRF?

Residential AHU is ventilation system for residences. Both work on same principle whereas residential AHU are feature rich & user friendly.

· How do I know which category of VentiMax (ceiling/floor/wall) is best for my house?

Our expert/agent will visit your house and will help you to make a right decision.

· Does VentiMax do cooling or heating?

No it does not currently.

· How do I understand that VentiMax Vienna (ceiling mounted) is working on Smart Mode?

The control system will show.

· How do I access the VentiMax products on my smart phone?

The product with this feature can be controlled through the app.

· What is a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

Heat Recovery Ventilator has a feature to protect the loss of energy (heat or cool) because of air movement.

· What is an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

As same as a Heat Recovery Ventilator

· At what temperature does VentiMax works?

It is an all-weather machine. It can work in 0-55 degree Celsius.

· What is Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional Ventilator? Which one is a better choice and why?

Unidirectional ventilator- It only pumps air one way. Bidirectional ventilator- It pumps air in and throws stale air out. Choice – Depends on the condition.

· What is the warranty policy of VentiMax products?

We have a standard warranty policy. Any product or component failure will be repaired/replaced by the company.

· Does it Humidify and also Dehumidify in case of high moistures during monsoons?


· Does a ventilation system increase energy consumption?

Our VentiMax system are equipped with heat/energy recovery ventilation which saves the energy consumption.

· Can the air in a ventilation system become too dry in winter?

Our system does not add or remove humidity. Therefore, the humidity level inside or outside remains same.

· Can I hear noises from neighboring rooms through my ventilation system?

No, sound can transfer from different material including wall, doors, windows, etc.

· How can dust in the air pipes be prevented?

The air in the pipe travels after filtration.

· Can the HRV/ERV unit be tied into a central HVAC ducting system?


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