Bonphul Air Products crafted an innovation of harvesting clean, optimized oxygen, from a technology that was around for more than 60 years. It is a journey of turning technology into an entirely new business idea

Bonphul Air Products is India’s first and only, comprehensive Indoor Air Quality company.

An average person drinks about 2 litres of water and inhales about 10k litres of air. While we spend so much on drinking pure water, we hardly pay attention to the air quality we breathe.

Around 1.2 million people in India die annually due to air pollution. That is roughly the population size of Mauritius. Air pollution is no more a city-centric issue but is now a major concern across the nation. It is costing India around 3 per cent of the total GDP. At Bonphul Air Products, we consider this as a serious issue.

Only breathing in air with 21% oxygen level can ensure a normal healthy life. A minute drop in oxygen level can drastically affect our health.

Bonphul OxyMax range of oxygen optimizer is a new genre of Indoor Air Quality solutions. OxyMax harvests oxygen from the outdoors and drives it indoors. This helps to maintain the required 21% oxygen levels in the air for any indoor space be it residential or commercial.

Started in 2017, Bonphul has successfully in attracted top-notch talents on board, from across the industry. Bonphul Air Products also has come up with a generous share-holding scheme, wherein the majority of the company’s stock is with the management.

It is our dream to make ‘Mountain-Fresh’ air available for everyone. An oxygenated lifestyle is only a call away! Contact us today and take home your own OxyMax.

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