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Bonphul Air Products Pvt Ltd is a start-up company with core roots at New Delhi Headquarters, that took the initiative of creating innovative and health-focused air-based products.

Air pollution causes roughly 1.2 million deaths yearly in India. If we consider it as a point of contrast, this is the size of the population of Mauritius. Based on Greenpeace, regardless of what the majority of people believe,’air pollution is not a problem confined to Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) or even to India’s metros. It is a national issue that is costing the economy an estimated 3 percent of GDP.’ About us, we analyze it as a serious concern.

The first product that Bonphul Air Products has created is an Oxygen Optimizer that focuses on maintaining the required composition of oxygen at 21% for the residential and commercial segments.

Incorporated in July 2017, Bonphul Air Products has attracted several top-notch talents from leading Indian and multinational companies. To encourage entrepreneurship among practicing managers–and get them to bite the start-up bug–Bonphul APL has come up with a generous stock-distribution scheme, wherein the majority of the company’s stock is with the management.

What drives Bonphul Air Products is the fact that while an average individual drinks about 2 liters of water a day, she inhales about 10,000 liters of air in the same period, and, yet, while spending so much money on bottled or filtered water, gives so little attention to the air she breathes. Bonphul Air Products believes that it is desirable–and possible–that everybody gets to inhale an air quality that is like the invigorating air of the high mountains, what we call Mountain Fresh! To that end, Bonphul Air Products would be coming out with a range of air-based products that promise to deliver the coolest, cleanest and the most invigorating indoor air. 21% Oxygen and an active new lifestyle are only a call away from you! Are you ready for the freshness of fresh air?, Then do not waste time Contact Us and take home your own OxyMax.

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