Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a subject which has gained traction only in recent times, despite its most crucial effect on our health and wellbeing. Bonphul Air Products’ relentless R&D in its products, will take care of all your IAQ concerns for a healthy life

When we speak of mechanical air ventilation in any given indoor space, it is about a hidden machine somewhere in your roof, that is letting-in fresh, purified air from the outdoors through one vent and at the same time driving out the culminated indoor air, after it turns stale coming in contact with high CO2 levels and other contaminants, from another vent. And all this happens silently and without you even noticing the air exchange happening. This is the beauty of VentiMax Vienna, ceiling-mounted ventilation range of products.

VentiMax Vienna is the most versatile of the categories with multiple options to choose from, as per your fresh air requirement inside your premise. The following are the features that VentiMax Vienna offers:

  • Smart Mode Purification
  • Unidirectional/Bi-directional Air Flow
  • Heat Recovery Core for Energy Saving
  • HEPA, Activated Carbon and Pre Filtrations
  • IFD Filters for Negative Ions
  • Dehumidifier
  • The models could also be operated through mobile apps

The Vienna range is powerfully equipped to give your indoors quadruple purification that efficiently removes 99% of the haze and 100% of the PM2.5, reduces bacteria and viruses