Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a subject which has gained traction only in recent times, despite its most crucial effect on our health and wellbeing. Bonphul Air Products’ relentless R&D in its products, will take care of all your IAQ concerns for a healthy life

If you are in hunt for something that do not remain invisible but is more upfront and physically accessible but is no less smart in being the most efficient fresh air supplier to your room, then there is an answer for that wish. VentiMax Florence is our wall mounted ventilation range of products that sits on your wall while and takes care for all your fresh air supply. And it does it quietly smartly. Florence models come with inbuilt laser PM2.5 sensor, CO2 sensor, and VOC sensor that does real-time detection of IAQ. It comes with a multi-mode selection for different applications, on which the user can do a DIY weekly-timing setting, and filter alarms. With a stylish 4.3 inch colour screen 1024*600 HD resolution, intelligent man-machine control system, user-friendly for both young and the elderlys. The following are the features that VentiMax Florence offers:

  • Wall Mounted
  • Smart Mode Purification
  • Unidirectional/Bi-directional Air Flow
  • Heat Recovery Core for Energy Saving
  • HEPA, Activated Carbon and Pre Filtrations
  • Touch Screen Control Panel

 The models could also be operated through mobile apps