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We are nothing without the appreciation and critique of our valued customers. They are the end-user, and it is their testimonials that gives value to our product and lift up our spirits to come up with better versions of our products and services

Mrs. Anita Kashyap

Bonphul OxyMax “A resident of Gurugram, Mother and a Fitness enthusiast, feels that everybody needs fresh, clean air. Air-purifiers are generally dust filters, they only filter the dust and particulate matter in the air. What we need is oxygenated air. People who work hard, People who are athletes or housewives deserve a sound sleep after all the hustle we go through every day. This machine is now an integral part of our lives.”

Mr. & Mrs. Kalra

Having concerns about indoor air quality, Mr. and Mrs. Kalra from Greater Kailash, New Delhi, has tried out Bonphul’s OxyMax. Within two months of its use, the Kalras have witnessed a huge difference in their daily health. Previously the couple faced pollution-related issues like flu and sleep-deprivation regularly. Thanks to OxyMax, Mr. and Mrs. Kalra have been witnessing positive changes in their health.