Bonphul Air Products’ OxyMax 50 LPM is the perfect product for supplying the invigorating benefits of pure oxygen to any heavy commercial or high-load capacity establishment or area. An ideal product for places such as Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Exhibition Centres, Offices, etc.

Product Details:

Product Model

OxyMax 50

Dimentions WxDxH

54 in x 24 in x 72 in

Power Consumption

3.4 KWatt 220VAC/50 Hz


400 Kgs

Noise Level Outdoor/Indoor

< 75 dB/<20 dB

OxyMax 50 is a roof-top product that harvests oxygen from outside air and pumps it into your HVAC ducts for building-wide distribution with covering utility area of approximately 1500 sq. ft.

OxyMax 50 comes with a smart mechanism that maintains ambient oxygen levels between 20.5 percent to 21.5 percent, shutting-off and starting-on, whenever necessary. So, after you started the machine for the first time during installation, you can pretty much forget about it. Leave it on, and it would ensure that the covered space is always oxygen optimized. The invigorating benefits of oxygen will keep up the energy levels of the individuals who are spending their time in any productive pursuits, inside the covered establishment or space.

OxyMax is highly scalable! Multiple units of OxyMax 50 can be joined together to deliver the required volume of oxygen. OxyMax 50 can also be integrated with your building management system (BMS) such that a facility manager gets an integrated view of the indoor climate and carry out the controls from a single digital dashboard.

Bonphul OxyMax is India’s first–and the world’s second–oxygen optimizer for residential and commercial buildings.

Bonphul Air Products OxyMax 50 LPM