FAQs – Technology

1. How does Bonphul OxyMax work?

OxyMax is an oxygen harvester machine. It feeds on outside air, extracts oxygen from outside air, and then supplies oxygen concentrated air through an indoor outlet to a room/cabin/office/home. It has an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, just like a split air conditioner.

OxyMax breathes for you: OxyMax outdoor unit machine is like a pair of mechanical lungs. OxyMax takes the brunt of polluted air for you, reducing the harmful gases, and releases oxygen concentrated air into an indoor air ambiance. This air is free of dust particles, and PM.

2. What technology is used by OxyMax?

The machine works on the 50+ years old PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, which has been made popular by NASA. The technology used, provided oxygen to astronauts, in the Apollo spacecraft.

It consists of two cylinders in the outdoor unit. They are filled with zeolite components, which extract the oxygen from the outside air. The first cylinder takes the feed from outdoor air and extracts oxygen (which is around 60-80% oxygen) in the first cycle and flushes out the other gases.

The second cylinder receives this oxygen-rich air and there another level of extraction happens, which results in 80-85% oxygen richness in the air and flushes out unnecessary gases. Then the indoor unit is supplied with this extracted oxygen-rich air.

Continuous use of OxyMax optimizes 21% of oxygen in the indoor air.

3. What is the lifespan of Bonphul OxyMax?

Bonphul OxyMax is engineered in such a manner that all parts are replaceable. However, certain parts like fan motors/compressor have a lifespan. We can safely assure that depending on justified use, OxyMax can last up to 8 years. During and post eight years, machine parts can be replaced ensuring longer life. We intend to keep spare parts for the machine for 10 years period to provide continuous usage.

4. Does Bonphul OxyMax filter PM 2.5 and 10 also?

As explained above, there are multiple sets of filters at various stages of oxygen optimizer, so our filters remove the dust particles and PM. The indoor machine provides you with clean and oxygenated air.

However, since this machine harvests oxygen from outdoor, it does not filter the indoor air.

5. What is the Size of the machine?

The outdoor unit is similar in size to a 1.5/2-ton split AC outdoor unit. The indoor unit is the size of a 15- inch laptop screen with a 3-inch thickness.

Dimensions of the outdoor units are mentioned in the brochure

 OxyMax 10: WxDxH: 25.5x14x24 inches (Weight: 45 kg)

 OxyMax 20: WxDxH: 35x14x24 inches (Weight: 65 kg)

 OxyMax 50: WxDxH: 54x24x72 inches (Weight: 400 kg)

6. Is this like an air purifier? How is it different from an air purifier?

Technically speaking, the very word ‘Air Purifier’ is an inapt term. Air purifier essentially is a dust filter. It only filters out the suspended dust and PM 2.5/10 particles from the air (some air purifiers control odour too). It does not work on the chemical/gaseous composition of the air. Bonphul OxyMax actively improves the composition of the air by adding oxygenated air to it. OxyMax optimizes the level of oxygen in indoors to 21%.

7. How do I use the product? How do I operate the product? When should I use the product?

You can use the product 24 hours X 365 days. The best use scenario is at night when you are resting in your room. When you sleep, your body recharges itself. Having a healthier air at that time energizes you even more and you wake up feeling a lot fresher and energetic like you will if you are in a healthier environment of the mountains.

8. Can I use it with my air conditioner?

Yes absolutely. To use the product whenever you are also using the AC is advisable. As while using the AC, the room is closed, and there is no outdoor air coming in with the oxygen levels going down with every breath. So OxyMax should be used to optimize the levels of oxygen in your room.

9. Do I have to keep my doors closed?

You should keep your doors closed to increase the efficiency of the machine, for example, while using an AC you keep the door closed to keep the cold air inside, similarly, keeping the door closed while using OxyMax will keep the oxygenated air inside your room.

10. How do I measure the oxygen levels in my home?

Oxygen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. We breathe oxygen with every breath. You feel the real change by sleeping in the oxygen optimized room through the night. Most of our customers start feeling the change from the first night itself and some from the second or third night. The best measurement of oxygen is that you wake up very fresh in the morning like you do in the hill stations. However, if you wish to know the efficiency of OxyMax, our engineer can come and help you measure the oxygen concentration from the machine.

11. What is the oxygen level outside the machine?

As per our measurements at various locations at Delhi-NCR, outdoor air has oxygen levels up to 18% only. Moreover, indoor air has oxygen levels up to 17 % only.

12. How do I know that the level is at 21%?

There could be measurement done at the time of installation and during service. However, the best indicator is how you feel after you install the machine. As we know, 21% oxygen is the optimum level and as per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association USA), less than 19.5% oxygen levels in ambience is called Oxygen Deficient Environment, which is hazardous for us.

13. How much Oxygen does a single tree produces in a year?

A 12-meter tree weighing about 2 tonnes and significant girth generate approximately 260 pounds /118 KG/ 82,517 liters of oxygen per year as per various reports. 1 liter of oxygen weighs around 1.43 grams.

14. How much area does the machine cover?

We do a comprehensive onsite analysis and calculate the capacity requirements as per your space. We analyze the volumetric space, occupancy, desired usage pattern to suggest the best fit for your space. From various building designs, we understand that a 1000 SFT flat is 1 BHK, 1000- 1500 is 2BHK, and 1500 – 2200 is 3BHK, and above 2200 is 4 BHK. With consideration of carpet area reduction of 30%, these spaces further get reduced.

Within these spaces also, there are balconies/kitchen/bathrooms/ store rooms which may not require oxygenation. So, a typical bedroom size is in the range 150 SFT to 250 SFT.

 05 LPM unit is sufficient for up to 1500 cubic feet (L*B*H), 1 bedroom

 10 LPM unit is sufficient for 3000 Cubic Feet (L*B*H), or 2 bedrooms

 20 LPM unit is sufficient for 6000 Cubic Feet (L*B*H), or 3 or 4 bedrooms

15. How do you install the machine?

Like a Split AC, there is an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. A thin tube and a wire connect the outdoor and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed exactly like the split AC’s outdoor unit. The indoor unit is a small box installed on a wall within arm’s reach.

There are multiple operational modes available depending on the requirement and on-site constraints.

16. Is the outdoor unit and indoor unit connected? How is it connected?

The outdoor unit and the indoor unit are connected by a thin tube that carries the oxygenated air and a wire. The tube and the wire have a tiny footprint which retrofits very easily.

17. How many indoor units can be connected to the outdoor unit?

 For 5 LPM unit: 1 indoor unit
 For 10 LPM unit: up to 3 units can be installed in three different rooms. (For more effectiveness, installation in more than 2 rooms at once is not advised)
 For 20 LPM unit: up to 4 units can be installed in four different rooms. (For more effectiveness, installation in more than 3 rooms at once is not advised).

18. How much noise does the machine produce?

The noise levels from the OxyMax are less than compared to a split air conditioner or even a ceiling fan running at full speed. The standard sound level of a split AC at 1.5 meters is 70dB, for a ceiling fan it is around 65dB. The sound level of the OxyMax system is less than 55dB.

19. Does it take care of VoC?

At this juncture, OxyMax is not treating or neutralizing VoC. However, Bonphul has plans to integrate VoC neutralizers in the upcoming range of products.

20. How do I know if oxygen is coming out of the indoor unit?

There is are some test equipment available for measuring the oxygen levels. We will amply demonstrate to you at the time of installation and at the time of service. You are free to call our engineers anytime to check the oxygen level or you can buy your own oxygen test metre.

21. What if there is excess oxygen in my room?

Human body and organs are genetically engineered to operate at 21 % oxygen. If there is a slight increase in oxygen levels, then up to 23.5% is considered safe. Even there are oxygen bars worldwide which provide highly concentrated oxygen for recreational purposes, and there is medical equipment like HBOT [Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy] used in treating more than 16 ailments as per USFDA.

22. Do the levels go beyond 21%? If yes, then how do you control that?

We will help you decide the right machine which is fit for your environment, but yes, the levels can go higher than 21 %, in case your room is airtight with no people are sitting in the room. In the machine, we have a smart mechanism to ensure that oxygen levels are optimized.

23. Does the machine automatically stop?

Besides smart mechanism to optimize the oxygen, right now we have no functionality available in the machine to switch it off entirely through an automatic process. Manually machine can be switched on and off.

24. How does the machine indicate that the oxygen level is optimized? Is at 21%?

At the time of the installation, the installation team carries an Oxy-meter that indicates the level of oxygen in the air and the level of output oxygen from OxyMax. If the customer wants to know levels of oxygen, he/she can call in our team at any time of his/her convenience for a free of cost quick oxygen level check.

Oxy-meter has a biosensor that has a life-span of approximately 1 year. Currently, the functionality of measuring oxygen level comes at an additional annual cost of Rs. 22,500 (price of the Oxy-meter). If the customer is interested, he/she can purchase an Oxy-meter.

25. Does it filter PM 2.5 -10 **

Yes, it filters PM 2.5, but this filtration is only for the machine requirement, it does not have any effect on the indoor air due to its low volume. At the same time, our indoor unit is a combination of an air purifier and oxygen enrichment device. It offers all the benefit of an indoor air purifier and oxygen optimizer.

26. How much time does it take to optimize the level to 21%?

OxyMax starts working the moment you switch on the machine. It keeps adding oxygen to the room and enriches the air the entire time. As we know, the outdoor air is at 18% oxygen and the indoor air even less, OxyMax first works on bringing the indoor air in the acceptable range (i.e., minimum 19.5%) and finally to the ideal 21%. The time to reach 21% depends on the size of the room, no. of people inside, ventilation rate, etc.

Say we have 1000 cubic ft room volume (10ft*10ft*10ft), empty sealed room. Then it will have 1000 cubic ft of air. Based on the data available, let’s assume the air has 18% concentration of oxygen.

So, the volume of oxygen available in the room will be 180 cubic ft. To optimize the level of oxygen at 21%, we must add approximately 40 cubic ft of oxygen (accounting for an increased total air volume of the room).

1 Cubic ft = 28.32 Litres
40 cubic ft = 40*28.32 = 1132.8L

Available machine capacities:
5LPM (Litres per minute) or 300 LPH (Litres per Hour)
10 LPM or 600 LPH
20 LPM or 1200 LPH

Time taken by each machine to add 1132L of oxygen (to optimize it to 21%) =
By 5 LPM machine: 1132/5 =226 minutes 40 seconds or 3 hours 46 minutes 40 seconds
By 10 LPM machine: 1132/10 =113 minutes 20 seconds or 1 hour 53 minutes 20 seconds
By 20 LPM machine: 1132/20 = 57 minutes 10 seconds.

27. How many trees are 10 LPM machine equivalent of?

Our 10-litre machine is equivalent to 45 trees on the usage of 24X7X365. On the optimum usage of 12X7X365, it produces oxygen equivalent of 22 trees [12-Meter-High, and 2 tonnes of weight].