FAQs – Market Information

1. How is Bonphul OxyMax different from medical/industrial grade oxygen concentrator?

Medical grade oxygen has 90% + concentration and Industrial level concentrators are even higher. The supply of this high-level oxygen concentration is either through oxygen cylinders or through Industrial/Medical PSA generator. OxyMax concentrates oxygen to sub 85 % level.

2. Are you the only one manufacturing this machine in India?

There are Industrial and medical grade PSA plant suppliers. However, Bonphul is the first company to design/assemble/ manufacture PSA machines for residential and office use.

Bonphul identified the oxygen deficiency as the key component of Indoor Air Quality and decided to design a machine which is comparable to split AC outdoor unit in terms of dimensions and weight.

3. Is it a patented technology?

PSA is an open source technology, popularized by NASA for astronaut’s usage in Apollo space capsule.