FAQs – Hazards

1. What are the health issues related to oxygen deficiency in the air?

This is a WHO released matrix on oxygen levels and its effects

2. Is there any harm in taking extra oxygen?

Excess of everything is hazardous. There is no stated harm in taking higher oxygen for a short duration.

However prolonged exposure to higher concentration [above 23%] should be done only under medical advice/supervision.

3. Does it reduce the immunity?

Living in the oxygenated air @ 21 % does not reduce any immunity. The effects of living in an oxygen deficit environment on our bodies, as we currently have in our metro cities, is like running a car on impure fuel.

On the contrary, OxyMax enhances our immunity and helps all body organs perform at an optimal level without unnecessarily straining them.

4. What is the fire hazard?

OxyMax is as safe as your LPG/PNG/ electricity line in the house. Oxygen does not burn in itself; however, it is an essential fuel in combustion.

OxyMax supplements oxygen in a closed environment in a safe, diluted manner. Oxygen is fed through thin fire-resistant PU tubes.

All hospitals in the world have oxygen supply through the pipes for the use of patients, and we have not come across any fire incident in hospital attributed to oxygen lines.

5. Will I fall sick if I go into an Oxygen Deficit Zone?

You are already in Oxygen Deficit Zone, so whatever harm had to happen to your body has already happened. When you run a machine without adequate fuel, the efficiency goes down, and there is an excessive strain on the machine. Our bodies are no different. We are straining our body, our lungs, heart, and our brain continuously by staying in an oxygen deficit environment. OxyMax provides you an oxygen-rich environment so that your body works in an optimized manner.

No, you will not fall sick when you go outdoors after using OxyMax because staying in an oxygen optimized environment improves your body’s immune system. So, if you have better immunity, you are better equipped to adapt to the changes in the environment.