FAQs – Financials

1. What are the consumables in Bonphul OxyMax?

 2 sets inlet filter sitting on top of the compressor – replaceable every 3 months
 1 set of Zeolite granules – depending on usage, it can last between 3-5 years
 1 set of cabinet filters – approximately 1 year

2. What do you service? How frequently does it require maintenance?

We replace inlet filters every 3 months, the dust filters get replaced after every year, the Zeolite granules gets replaced as per requirement (once every 3-5 years).

In every service, we clean the outdoor and the indoor unit thoroughly.

3. What is the total cost of ownership?

Besides one-time purchase cost, there will be an additional cost of Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) and consumables. The AMC ranges from 10 -12 % of machine cost, and consumable over a period of 10 years will be approximately 40-50% of the machine value. Therefore, in approximately 7-8 years, you will pay approximately the cost of the machine.

4. What is the ROI?

If we benchmark the consumer level oxygen rates at Rs 100 per litre, so you can recover the cost of 10 LPM in 24 hours flat. However, on the safe side, we can benchmark medical oxygen rates at Rs 0.5 per litre, then you will recover the cost in 20 days. A 10 LPM machine extracts 432,000 litres of Oxygen per month and 5,256,000 litre of oxygen in a year.

5. What is the cost per litre Oxygen?

At a consumer level Oxygen costs Rs 100 per litre, and at the commercial level, it costs Rs 0.5 per litre.

6. What is the price of the machine? What size is sufficient for my home/office?

The Machine comes in multiple capacities:
 5 LPM: Rs 80,000 + Taxes as applicable
 10 LPM: Rs 1,45,000 + Taxes as applicable
 20 LPM: Rs 2,50,000 + Taxes as applicable

Transport/Delivery/Installation/Site Preparation charges on actuals

We do a comprehensive onsite analysis and calculate the capacity requirements as per your space. We analyze the volumetric space, occupancy, desired usage pattern to suggest the best fit for your space.

As a standard, from various building design we understand that a 1000 SFT flat is 1 BHK, 1000- 1500 is 2BHK, and 1500 – 2200 is 3BHK, and above 2200 is 4 BHK. With consideration of carpet area reduction of 30 %, these spaces further get reduced. Within these spaces also, there are balconies/kitchen/bathrooms/ store rooms which may not require oxygenation.

So, a typical Bedroom size is in the range 150 SFT to 250 SFT.
 5 LPM unit is sufficient for up to 1500 cubic feet (L*B*H), 1 bedroom
 10 LPM unit is sufficient for 3000 Cubic Feet (L*B*H), or 2 bedrooms
 20 LPM unit is sufficient for 6000 Cubic Feet (L*B*H), or 3 or 4 bedrooms

7. What is the power consumption? “Bill Kitna Aayega?”

 For 10 LPM unit: 625Watt 220VAC/50Hz
 For 20 LPM unit: 1250Watt 220VAC/50Hz

For better understanding a One Ton Split AC consumes approximately 1200 Watt or 1.2 kW. A 1.5-ton split AC consumes approximately 2000 Watt or 2 KW.

8. What is the cost of installation?

Installation cost is a factor of site situation and placement of the outdoor /indoor unit. Typically, the following line items are to be considered:
 Delivery/Transportation Cost: variable (depending on delivery location)
 Site Preparation: Variable (depends on the site)
 Outdoor wall mounting Frame: included with the machine
 High-Pressure Tube for Outdoor: Rs 150 per Metre (first 10m of installation length is free)
 High-Pressure Tube for Indoor: Rs. 100 per Metre (the first 10m of installation length is free)

9. What is the annual cost of maintenance?

Maintenance cost of the machine during the warranty period is Rupees 0 (excluding consumables). Post warranty period, as per the industry standards the Annual Maintenance Charge will range between 11% – 14% of the total machine cost excluding taxes. However, the customer has the choice of engaging us in per visit charges + the cost of spares.