Beauty is only skin deep, goes a popular adage. But if one were to ignore the obvious implication of this piece of common wisdom, one would find that there is a deep correlation between one’s health and skin quality. A glowing skin indicates a healthy body.

As skin expert Renee Rouleau explains, ‘First, what you need to know is that blood carries oxygen and nutrients to feed cells both in our skin and body. The arterial, venous, capillary and pulmonary systems are all avenues for which blood circulates. What occurs with age is the slow down of blood flow and oxygen that results in slower metabolic activity, making the repair processes not function as efficiently as it did in your younger years. Oxygen is what makes the blood turn red so with poorer circulation and less of this, the result is pale, lifeless skin that has a hard time glowing from within.’

Many cosmetic companies offer chemical-based beauty products to enhance skin quality. But such cosmetics can only touch the surface, and the results are also shallow and temporary. The most effective way to enhance skin quality is by intervening from below the skin surface, and this is best done by enhancing the oxygen level in blood.

So how does one enhance the oxygen level in one’s blood?

The answer is an oxygen optimizer. A machine that would allow you to keep your doors and windows closed to outdoor air pollution and, by pumping in oxygen from outside, provide you the freshest of air indoors. Just imagine if you were inhaling this oxygen-enriched air for the better part of each day!

Get yourself an OxyMax oxygen optimizer, give yourself the best air that money can buy, and see how glowing your skin becomes!

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