That pure air adds to the quality-of-life is something that few would debate, but does it also add to the quantity (lifespan)? Researchers at Harvard University would agree. ‘Investigators at the Harvard School of Public Health demonstrated that association in 1993 when they compared the average lifespan of residents in U.S. cities known for the worst air pollution with that of residents in cities with much cleaner air. Now some of the same researchers have published a paper demonstrating that federal regulations reducing concentrations of fine particles–those most hazardous to human health (PM2.5, or 2.5 microns in diameter)–have had a salutary effect on public health: adding five months to the average lifespan during the period from roughly 1980 to 2000 in the 51 metropolitan areas studied.’

Oxygen is the most important component of pure air. From providing energy to perform essential functions to increase immunity and healing injuries, oxygen is armed with several vital responsibilities necessary to maintain a healthy body. However, many urban dwellers are continuously starved for wholesome and sufficient oxygen levels. Environmental pollution in cities, sedentary lifestyles that come with modern-day desk jobs, lack of exercise because of busy schedules, and improper breathing due to undue stress all play a part in depriving your body of oxygen. And thus reducing your lifespan.

With an oxygen optimizer, you may not be able to obliterate the pollutants in the air inside your homes and workplaces, but what you can do is to ensure your body receives adequate levels of oxygen every single day, and your immunity stays in top shape to fight against diseases and pollution.

Get yourself an OxyMax oxygen optimizer, give your family the best air that money can buy, and see how they live long and happy lives!

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