Our immune system is our body’s defence shield against germs and infections. We do not realise it, but germs and infections are all around us: in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. And yet if we remain healthy, impervious to the biological danger around us, it is only due to our immune system.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is considered the deadliest disease in the world. But what is AIDS other than the breakdown of the immune system? An AIDS patient is one whose immune system has collapsed and is therefore open to deadly attack by any pathogen. Ailments we take for granted or pay little attention–something as innocuous as common cold–could be life-threatening for someone who has no immunity. This is how vital our immune system is.

Oxygen plays an important role in maintaining a fully functioning immune system. When oxygen levels are high, the body’s immune system is strengthened. Emerging studies on how breathing in more oxygen could help in fighting cancer have been conducted by researchers at Northeastern University in the USA. Conversely, ‘if oxygen levels are low when infection strikes’, scientists at the University of Edinburgh found, ‘the immune system launches a massive overreaction. A fatal illness ensues even though the bacteria have been cleared from the body.’

However, breathing in fresh and adequate oxygen is becoming more and more difficult for urban dwellers. With Indian cities continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, the quality of air is taking a serious hit. Open green spaces having to make way for expansive constructions is one of the many obvious causes for this. So when the number of trees and plants, our natural sources of oxygen, is rapidly declining, how do we ensure that our immune system does not suffer because of it? Installing an oxygen optimizer could be an effective solution.

Whether it’s in homes, schools or offices, oxygen optimizers maintain an ideal level of oxygen in the air. A report released by the Government of Canada revealed that one single tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Operating an oxygen optimizer for just 12 hours a day amounts to having a whole forest of trees indoors!

So get yourself an OxyMax oxygen optimizer, give your family the best air that money can buy, and see how their immunity receives an instant boost!

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