The process of ageing falls into two categories:

Intrinsic ageing is a natural phenomenon that takes place over the years regardless of external elements. On the other hand, extrinsic ageing, which pretty much can be controlled, occurs as a result of adverse environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyles. Ageing gracefully, therefore, can also be defined as allowing your skin to take its natural course of action. In order to do this and retain your skin’s health and vitality, you don’t have to consider undergoing painful invasive procedures. Small but significant changes in your daily routines can work wonders. One such practice is to allow your skin to absorb more oxygen.

Studies have shown that oxygen is crucial in stimulating collagen production. Collagen is a naturally occurring essential protein in our body. It is like an adhesive that holds everything together including our skin. So when collagen production decreases over the years, our skin starts to get thinner and show signs of intrinsic ageing like wrinkles, fine lines, loss of elasticity and dryness. Our skin also becomes more prone to damage. A study on how hypoxia (which means inadequate levels of oxygen in the body) affects synthesis of collagen, found that ‘collagen biosynthesis is significantly dependent on the oxygen tension, with lack of it leading to reduced production and unstable collagen, probably due to poor hydroxylation and abnormal cross-linking’ and that there is ‘clear evidence of the critical role of oxygen on collagen stability.’

Although still in nascent stages, researches on how air pollutants accelerate the extrinsic ageing process are being carried out by scientists. Breathing in the fresh and ample amount of oxygen is known to improve the body’s resistance to harmful air pollutants. Thus, the effects of oxygen on anti-ageing are quite evident. But how do you ensure you’re inhaling enough oxygen on a daily basis? With an oxygen optimizer of course!

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