Indoor air in your homes or offices, can be stale and polluted, and at times, more than the outdoors. Bonphul Astria Air Purifiers are highly efficient in getting rid of poor air and making your indoors healthy and breathe-worthy

Does your child get cold frequently? Is dust allergy a common problem with you? Do you feel your air indoors is musty and heavier than the outdoors? If you are saying yes to all the questions, it is high time you need an Air Purifier.

The indoor air in modern enclosed spaces is no longer fresh or hygiene. With the air mixed with pollutants, and no fresh air circulation taking place, it is unsafe to breathe this stale air. Air purifier not only filters the air but to remove the harmful germs and chemicals from it, leading to adverse health effects. Polluted air is drawn in from a given space and passed through several layers of filtering devices. The filters hold back allergens and contaminants and then the purified air goes back into the room. With four-level filtration, Astria Air Purifiers can give you the following benefits:

Freedom from PM2.5

PM2.5 is considered to be one of the most serious problems in air pollution, both ambient and indoor. It has also earned the title of being “the invisible killer”. These tiny particulates, of microscopic size if once inhaled, can affect the heart and lungs and cause serious damage to our body. Particulate Matter can be a mixture of varying size in the form of solid particles and liquid droplets, that are found suspended in the air. Astria Air Purifiers comes with Pre-filters, and HEPA filters, both works exceptionally in gatekeeping dust particulate of both coarse and finer sizes, hence preventing PM2.5 getting into your body.

Gets rid of Volatile Organic Compounds

Building materials in most newly-built or renovated houses emit Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs that are harmful vapourised chemicals. VOCs are also emitted by air fresheners, cleaning agents, paints, varnishes, and from copying and printing machines. Exposure to VOC can cause eye, nose & throat irritation, headaches to organ damage, cancer and also damage to the central nervous system. Multi-level filtration in Astria Air Purifiers, assures that the VOCs are removed from your air indoors.

Removes Foul Odour from Air

Foul odour inside homes and offices is a common problem. The sources of bad odour could be stale food, clothes, pets, chemicals, garbage, and even smell that comes from the outdoors. Activated carbon filters in Astria Air Purifiers captures the poor smell from indoor air and the air filtered out is fresh and odourless.

Healthy Family Reassured

Good air quality is an assurance of active health. If the influenza virus or dust allergy is a common issue you deal with, it means your air intake is not hygiene. Air purifiers also can prevent respiratory diseases, asthma, heart diseases, prevent seasonal flu, cold and dust allergies. It effectively filters out dust, allergens, microorganisms, moulds spore emissions, the agents causing most diseases, reassuring healthy air for you and your family, while keeping sickness at bay.