Astria W60

For pollution-affected residents of modern-day habitats, who drastically needs and desires the cleanest air to breathe in their individual space, at home or at work place, Bonphul Astria W60, is one of its kind, wallmounted, compact-sized, remote-controlled, space-saving, low-maintenance Air Purifier, that comes with the maximum layers of filtration, and at the most affordable price range available.

Bonphul Air Products brings you the most efficient of compact-sized, single-room air purifiers, the Astria W60. In a room space of around 161 sq. ft. Astria W60 operates at a CADR (for PM2.5) of 90 m3/h. A perfect product to solve the problem of Particulate Matter in your bedroom, study or office cabin. This compactsized air purifier is nothing less in filtration as the Astria W60 comes stacked with Pre-Filter, H11 HEPA Filter, Active Carbon Filter and the Cold Catalyst Filter, assuring multi-staged filtration that is highly efficient in gate-keeping varied sized pollutants in your personal space. Having a wall-mounted air purifier, makes it a hassle-free affair as it saves floor space.

Astria W60 can also be operated by a handy remote controller from the comfort of your resting position, for switching the power ON/OFF and to control the machine’s fan speed. A value-for-money product, Astria W60 also comes with the lowest maintenance cost.

Product Details:

Product Model

 Astria W60

Dimensions WxDxH

 334x129x295 (mm)

Volatge Consumption

   AC 220V 50Hz

Power Range


Filters Required

   Pre Filter + H11 HEPA Filter + Active Carbon Filter + Cold          Catalyst Filter

Applicable Area

   161 sq. ft.

CADR (PM2.5)

  90 /h

Noise Level

50 dB(A)

Bonphul Air Purifier Astria W60