We have an Air Purifier for you to buy, and so there are many in the market. Hence, what’s the big deal, right? You can decide for yourself as for why Bonphul Astria Air Purifiers is the best for you to choose from other available products

Expanding its arsenal of solutions for combating Indoor Air Pollution, Bonphul Air Products brings you the Bonphul Astria Air Purifiers for indoor air purification, with two different models: Astria W60 (wall-mounted) and Astria F520 (floor standing).

For pollution-affected residents of modern-day habitats, who need and desire the cleanest air to breathe in their homes and workplaces, Bonphul Astria range of air purifiers combines the maximum layers of filtration, all at the most affordable price available. With a four-level filtration, Astria Air Purifiers addresses the problems of PM10 and PM2.5, harmful gases, and other commonly found pollutants like mold spores, and microorganisms. Here are the different types of filters addressing different aspects of Indoor Air Pollution:

Pre Filters: The pre-filter acts as the first line of defence and removes PM10 pollutants such as dust, smoke, hair, pet dander, large pollens etc. The pre-filter also helps in increasing the life of the secondary filter by not letting it choke sooner.

H11 HEPA Filters: High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting or HEPA filters, are found in a wide range of industries, from residential properties to businesses to medical facilities and more. HEPA filters are highly efficient in collecting microscopic particles in the air as it flows through them. They rapidly hold PM2.5, mold spores and even biologicals.

Activated Carbon Filter: The activated carbon filters come in a granular form that removes contaminants and impurities, using chemical adsorption. They are most effective at removing allergens and harsh pollutants, from chlorine to particulate matters, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to unpleasant odours. Activated carbon filter provides unparalleled benefits to your respiratory health.

Cold Catalyst Filter: Cold Catalyst filter, is also known as a low-temperature catalyst, formaldehyde buster. Cold Catalyst Filter absorbs, decomposes and removes harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, toluene, and TVOC, generating water and carbon dioxide.

Astria Air Purifiers are feature-packed and comes in the most economical price range. Access to clean air has never been easier!

Bonphul Astria Air Purifiers