A job and career are not the same things. A job is a short work assignment; a career is a long journey on a road with wonderful and myriad professional experiences. Bonphul Air Products promises you a career you can only dream about

“Money is like gasoline during a road trip. You don’t want to run out of gas on your trip, but you’re not doing a tour of gas stations.” – Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media founder and CEO.

Things move at a moderate speed inside an established kingdom. However, those who dream to conquer new lands are always on the go. They are zealous and adventurous. And so is a start-up.

The Bonphul team is an industrious bunch. We play hard at getting what we want.  We do not understand the word ‘monotony.’ A great reason to join us, don’t you think so?

We don’t hold you back

Being a start-up, we put our employees in the position where they can succeed, develop new skills and do things they wouldn’t have the chance to do in most start-ups and never in established companies.


How to conquer great kingdoms, with a limited armoury? We at Bonphul, are tactful strategists who can come out with innovative ideas on making the most significant use of any resource we have in any amount.

We Aim for Limitless

Our team is at constant brainstorming on new ideas of how we can add value to the business and be more productive. We offer a salary and equity package that you would genuinely deserve, but you can play off your strengths and abilities to earn the limitless.

Diverse Responsibilities

You just don’t sign-up for a single responsibility once aboard Bonphul. Here you get a broader arena to yourself to learn and prove your mettle. Each day your CV is added with more bullet points on the skill and experience sections.

Take Ownership

Instead of being just sailors in a big ship, like in most organisations, at Bonphul, every individual is a captain of their own vessel. Offering employees control over their roles and projects, and what their growth pattern would look like, is a tremendous stimulus and reward for everyone.


Our company makes sure that every member of our team truly feels like an owner. Hence, we are going to start by giving every employee the opportunity to become Bonphul’s shareholders, once we get listed in the stock exchange.

Challenging Environment

It’s a known fact that people look for more than money in a job.  We too work on keeping things exciting and challenging for the folks here to keep their brain bugs on a work-out mode. 

 Your Opinion Matters

People are the most crucial aspect of our business, and we ensure that our stakeholders are aware of that. We value the inputs of every member at Bonphul, be it about clients, new hiring, new ideas or significant expenses. Your opinions will be appreciated and regarded always.

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